June 6th, 2015

Boys be boys

june 7th, 1945. Did i get the date right?

I always remember that occasion. it's not every day we try to end a world war. and be successful at it. true, it did take two atomic bombs to finally end it, but end it did. it's been said the world war 2 ended that day, word war 3 began. I hope that was merely somebody thinking out loud.
Had a great Friday night got treats from both my neighbors. got to view a ham radio friend play bass at festival 2015. what a kick. I should have kept playing. performance playing is such a hoot!

It's TGIS and a great one its going to be. sunny, warm, and just a hint of rain later today. ah.....summer.

ok, I'm off now off with you, and go have fun and summer stuff.