June 5th, 2015

Boys be boys

to PS-4 or not....

Gosh, Fallout 4 seems to be available only for the PC, X-Box and PS -4. This would lead me to believe it's either 3D support, or a newer engine for the game. probably both. should we buy a new game console just to play the latest Bethesda game??? You darn tooting. but not right now.

Well on another happy topic, "It's TGIF". Happy Friday is once again upon us. and over here, we have Festival of the arts. where all of the talented people Demonstrate their skills. it's really a great way to spend the whole weekend. oh, did I mention the food booths? yum. They used to televise Festival on a local access channel, but I'd have to look and see if they're doing that again.

So, enjoy the wonderful, NO SNOW, FREEZING TEMP FREE weekend.

I'm off.