June 4th, 2015

Boys be boys

My Blackhawks won. YAY us. a really rough and tumble game.

as usual, the goalies really earned their money.
I also am eagerly waiting for the mail man. my book for my friend is on it's way. But, $10.00 seems a tad high for USPS.
But, on the good side, he'll now have all he needs as far as resources are concerned in order to earn his first Ham Radio license. Yay us.

I also watched the rest of Mel Gibson's Hamlet. WOW. I knew he was good, but I never knew till I saw him in Hamlet that he was Great! watch the film.

Now I see Jurassic Park, part 11 is opening up . Wow, I like Dinosaurs too, but a rehash of the same topic is a little much. you know, like Planet of the apes, part 21th.

what, don't they have any good stories in Hollywood to make in to films? I can think of a few good creative people right here in Live journal who could help them out.

ok, I'm off