June 3rd, 2015

Boys be boys

Summer 2015, no rain till the weekend and transgenderism.

Wow, I bet that got your attention. the only thing I left out was open carry, or as I like to call it, neurotics-on-parade.
I have been a busy dude this morning. I actually, after about 5 years, ordered that student guide for that nice person who was so helpful to us. I feel good about that. you know, when you do something for somebody else, and they really don't expect it to happen, but it does. oh, and I ordered groceries and yummy stuff. yup. all before 2AM.
now for most of today, i'll get the carts out, both of them and decide how best to reward myself for being a "good" boy. hmmm greek pizza or cheese=steak pizza?? decision's.
I have found that as cats get older, they 1. sleep a lot and 2. want to spend oodles of quality time, like being held and scratched. a lot!
That's ok with me. I am used to Samoyed jumping up onto my lap and cuddling and actually hugging me. ah, the wild animal kingdom...

ok, I guess I should get busy. the sun is up and adam. yay us. NO SNOW. ( yet..)

I'm off