May 31st, 2015


It's a unseasonalbly cool end of May

But good quiet sleeping weather, if the cat lets you sleep in. Mine won't. Today is the day I'm suppose to clean the windows. ( this is a yearly thing with me- not cleaning them, but planning to clean them)
we'll see.
My BlackHawks cleaned up the ducks last night. Hockey sure is a strange game. one team can score like there's no tomorrow, and then lose in the final minute of the game.
oh, for TV last night, I watched a old, not favorite movie: "Invisible invaders". with John Agar. wow. they sure did things a tad differently back then. like switch the stunt people in a fight scene. one has a bald spot, the next frame, he doesn't and then back to the star of the show.
so for today, i'll just ponder everything. thinking can be a pleasurable activety too.

ok, I'm quietly off