May 29th, 2015



and what a nice, warm sun shinny weekend we have coming. well, for some of you. for us, rain and a cold front will drop down and once again we go below 40 degrees at night.

What a deal. my lawn mower is out at the lawn mower hospital and with the rain, gosh, gee whiz, I can't pull weeds. yet.

it's grocery day at Scooter-the-cat's paw palace. for this weekend, I should get yummy's and other non-healthy foods. you know, like bananas, oranges, maybe a garlic bulb, some cabbage and lettuce. wait, I got that wrong. that's the healthy stuff. and lets not forget the cat food.

so, as I wait for the lawn mower people to call, i'll just check my list of what I'm going to get at the store. if the prices keep going up, not much. wow.$1.25 for a can of branded chicken noodle soup??? give me a break.

have a safe but fun filled weekend.
Play nice.

ok, I'm off.