May 24th, 2015

Boys be boys

wow, three days of nice weather!!

so I should be thinking of starting to clean the whole house. again with feeling, wow. that's a bit more than I could chew right now. Our yard sale sold just about everything that was useful. I'm left with a fluffy cats' tail, at best. that won't go so far. cross your fingers.

I tried to understand my Apple I-pod 8gig player. it's neat, but awful when it comes to attempting to download a whole series of music. and, being the first I-Pod, I can't upgrade it. Tunes marches on....

today I'm suppose to help my neighbor figure out how to play her cell phone messages. Good luck.
I was thinking of getting a get well card for my lawn mower, but thought they would all think I'm nuts. ( ponder that for a while!)

So while I'm sitting here, glowing in the after glow of victory that the Black Hawks have over the "DUCKS", I'm getting ready for todays game with the NY Rangers. Fun just keeps on coming!!!
Ok, time to think about those "Who have went ahead of us".
Have a quiet, meaningful Memorial day weekend..

I'm off.