May 18th, 2015

Boys be boys

successful Sunday.

Got the AC installed. assembled it the right way. their instructions have a lot to be desired. Good thing I took oodles of time to read, look it over and read some more. but it finally slide together. Scooter the cat is very upset with me, since the AC blocks his view outdoors. So, last night I was playing let the cat in, let the cat out, repeat till you fall asleep from being worn out.
Wow, three days in a row: 80 degrees. oops. tomorrow, it will drop 50 degrees!

I don't want to talk about it.

Today is delivery day. UPS is bringing me stuff, as well as an expected Fed Ex delivery. That will be for the phone for my neighbor behind me. and did I mention take the lawn mower to the lawn mower hospital? that could happen. ah... busy busy Monday. Good thing I got the laundry done. so here I sit, waiting to finish a million things. yes, I will get them done.


ok, I'm off