May 16th, 2015


that icon up there is how i feel today.

It's Saturday. Everybody knows, or should know, that there is a law written somewhere that YOU SLEEP IN ON SATURDAY. Now, that's not hard to understand, is it? So how come Scooter the Cat totally ignores it? Here I sit, yawning, wishing I could just slip under the covers for a few quiet, gentle hours of restful sleep. Scooter just sits on the bed, cleaning his paws. oh the life of a cat.

Did go grocery shopping yesterday. I was seriously thinking of making goulash, after hearing the temp might get up to the mid eighties tomorrow. But, I couldn't get over the sticker shock. wow. Look, celery stew is just as tasty!

So today, I should probably do a whole mess in the bedroom, wash more windows, mount the AC for "THE CAT" and wait with baited breath for tonight's hockey game. My NY Rangers are playing.

cross your sticks and polish your pucks.

I'm off.