May 9th, 2015


it's Happy Saturday. also, Old Kent Banks' River Bank Run day.

of course now it's called 5/3 river bank run, since 5/3 bought them. did I mention it's raining cats and dogs. ( the cat made me say that) It's also hot and sticky humid. yucko. so, Happy Saturday is the post mans food pantry collection event. I've got two heavy bags of canned goods waiting for him. This is a good cause. every weekend just before Mother's Day, they collect food for a local food pantry.
it also is soggy weather for both the mail mans job today and also the racers. our little city has really gotten big as of late. it looks more like Chicago.
time to think of what to do today. it's Saturday after all. That used to mean go out and play after spending hours watching cartoons till noon. But I'm an adult now. toons, just great, story lead animes. and go out and play? with who?

growing up isn't all fun.

I'm slowly off