May 7th, 2015


The cat is talking me, ( meowing me actually) into geting a window Air Condtioner.

all of my furry critters, throughout the years, have loved the cooler, less humid bedroom when I had the AC installed. My second Samoyed actually was frisky and jumped up on the bed while we installed a new AC unit. We wear them out.
Well, scooter the cat is no different. he has a subtle way to letting me know what he wants. stare at me till I figure out what he wants. subtle.

so today, I did in fact order a replacement AC: same kind and model I had for the last 7 years. $129.00. But the price fluctuates up to a high of $151.00. Hey, its a small one. the cat is small too.
I had a pleasant surprise last night. Comcast restored my video service. I got to watch my NY Ranger's get their butt kicked. they deserved it too.
$112.00 for cable TV. No movie channels, no sport packages. just HD tv with their premium digital package that allows me to order pay-for-view stuff???

$112.00 a month for that!! just think about that.

Tonight to celebrate my loss of cable tv, I'm going to watch Mel Gibson's Hamlet. This is a good production of the tale.

ok, time to sweat. yes, you read right. sweat. mid eighties today and thunder storms tomorrow.

Don't forget "IT'S MOTHER"S DAY SUNDAY". If you forget, she won''ve been warned!

I'm off.