April 21st, 2015

Boys be boys

well, my gloating was short lived. I experienced a file error in the ps-3???

I think I know why. I kept saving every new section I would get into. that adds up to a lot of hard drive space. oh well. but I did manage to fly on the back of a dragon. sigh.. and it's only a game....

So on a cold, soggy Tuesday, i'm once again staying inside even though outside work is calling me. and yes, we do have snow in the forecast for later today.

I had a shock late yesterday. I was looking over new Lap top computers, when low and behold, I discovered Sony has stopped Manufacturing all their computer line. my friend just bought a Vaio(sic) laptop a few years ago. it wasn't cheap. close to the same price range as Apple. so i'll keep looking but hope Sony doesn't discontinue anything else.

ok, back to cuddling the kitty kat.

I'm off