April 14th, 2015


Wow, the first day of summer, 2015.....

well, it sure feels and looks like that. mid sixties, clear sky and sun shine flooding everything. YAY. and, I drank my second cup of coffee on the front porch. yay. but, to dampen our excitement, snow is possible next week.
Short summer.

oh well. Many things to do. I have phone calls to make and receive( some as late as 11:45PM!) and of course, figuring out the budget for next month. you know what a budget is? that's where you take X dollars and try to make it go to pay the bills, which usually total X plus 10. Math is nice!!

The graphic I have been designing is in the forming stage. YAY me. See, I just knew a good nights sleep, cuddling the cat, would pay off.

So, helped my neighbor load her lawn mower into the trunk of her car. again. They sure don't make lawn mowers like they used to!
ok, I hear the porch and my coffee mug calling me.

I'm off.