April 13th, 2015


Hello Soggy, windy, kind of cold Monday.

But on the really good side, NO SNOW.
yay us. Had a surprised visit last night: my shutter bug, computer putter together person Rich D. ( I do build my own PC's, but I was going through a really rough time back then, hence, Rich got stuck with it) He was worried about me based on the post I made yesterday??? huh?? I spent time sharing with him that I was worried about friends of mine who are having a rougher time than I did. and, he wanted to show off his Brand New Oldsmobile 1997 car. New? to him and me, yes, it was new.

ok, finally about 12:12AM today, I got inspired with the graphics for the pamphlets. YAY ME. the writing is ok, but the graphics were a pain. now, the data processing part: how to decide how to select who to mail it go. I'm thinking clubs, folk I know are interested in this stuff, and just new folks.

it's been a while since I used a created a data base, but hey, give it the old college try.

I'm off.......firing up access or MS Works.