April 12th, 2015

Morrowind Guard

I think the Morrowind guards are looking for me.

Yesterday was head-banging against the wall day for me. just no creative juices available for designing anything! So, when I need to get away from being stuck, I fired up Skyrim. And guess what game acted up on me? Skyrim. I was in the college of magic and I couldn't put up that protection shield against magic spells. it was something hanging up in the program. no matter how many times I tried, it wouldn't come up. so nuts! I pressed the fire the dragon voice button. BAMB. The voice knocked over all the other students. yay me. then, if I couldn't do what I wanted to do, why not go after that Falmore (sic) character. So I got within 4 feet of him, and presto, hit the dragon voice button again. He did cart wheels till he hit the wall.
I was giggling like an idiot and decided to try to put the shield up one last time. Presto: it popped right up. and the game moved on.
ah, the fun one can have with nasty characters and Dragon voice weapons.
So this is how I have greeted Sunday. giggling. but it was fun.

on to the rest of the weekend.

I'm off.