April 10th, 2015


"Hi there." I'm a Tachoma. I'm better and faster than Robie and move way more gracefully than Gort.

Well there we have it. The robots have spoken. So, this is how we humans greet "TGIF". my mechanical means?

The important thing is that the nasty and life threatening weather has moved on. For now. Man, the poor cat and me and lets not forget POOR THOR. Thor is my computer. He lost power just before I was going to turn him off. But I ran chkdisc and everything appears ok, though it took a tad longer to run than normal.

So here we are, at the weekend already. Oh, and we have a new resident at the old domicile: Alvin the chipmunk. I saw him scamper across my front lawn and dive into his home hole. But not to be out done, baby skunk was wandering in my back yard last night. No, I didn't spell him, I saw him. how cute. I just wanted to go outside and pick him up and hug him. but scooter the cat told me NOT TO DO THAT. ok, I guess.

but its the weekend.
have fun and be safe.
I'm off.