April 7th, 2015

Mickey Mouse

Should I create a mailialbe pamphlet, or a on line web gazine??

Now, I love holding a newpaper, magazine, bulletin, in my hands. The true portability feature. The only downside is the cost of the postage, and physically mailing a few hundred pamphlets. considering that these informational sheets will be a saved sheet ( you'll want to keep it for a while), I think the US mail version pamphlet is the way to go. More later.

Today is going to become soggy Tuesday, with the possibility of S.N.O.W.. Enough already. I stood outside on my front lawn talking to Princess the abandoned cat, and my three neighbors. The air was so fresh, short sleeve shirt and meowing kitty's. ah, spring was here. Then, not now. sigh. oh well.

I'm off.