April 3rd, 2015


"All creatures, Great and small...."

It's Good Friday. I did manage to watch "The Passion of the Christ" without getting many interruptions, but the phone did ring.
I thought on this special Holy of Holy's, I'd spend the remaining time catching up on world news. Rachel Maddon (sic) show had an most interesting segment on how they construct an atomic bomb. interesting. Then a nice discussion on what the frame work is going to be like by june 21 or so. This is a win win for us. oops.. the world.

So here we are. TGIF. rainy here, cool, but not cold and no, I did not have to use the snow shoveling tool. Yet.

the cat woke me up today, and now he went back to sleep??????
the nerve!!

oh well. animals.

I'm off.