March 29th, 2015


There, Skyrim gets a rest, and "Lady and The Tramp" goes up.

I was hoping for Thumper, but...
Yes, it's true. I have a PS-3. and I'm not sorry I did. a great gaming console and I can even watch my not-favorite movies. what a deal.
Is this wasting time? no. it gets the old grey cells motivated and challenges me to figure out the game at many different levels. Talk about aerobicizing. ( does this mean I'll turn into a muscle brain???)

Lets see. I watched "World War Z". I couldn't believe it. They actually had a crew on that film! wow. it was nice to see ILM get some nice work, but wow. I can think of making oodles of Trannosaurus Rexs would be better. You know, the T-Rex that attacked Hackensack NJ.

oh well. it's Sunday and we begin, "Holy Week". I do so love a Catholic Church during this time. I could almost move into the church for 7 days.

So, have a safe, spirited week.

I'm off