March 24th, 2015


Day two of Skyrim.

well, I got beat up pretty regularly. and those stupid crabs sure think I'm tasty. and this time around, the women fighters out perform the guys!
but, at night, I have a choice, watch the stupid TV and "IDOL" or a cop show, or PS-3. I would rather play by myself than watch those stupid highly repetitive cop shows. Playing by myself really refers to my getting lost in a RPG. You can do that, with the right RPG. ( Role playing Game)
I like to be challenged trying to think what the programmers had in mind when they came up with this task or another goal. To just walk around, is a feat in itself.

and Yes, I did just notice you can't use weapons when your underwater.

Today is cold, snowy, turning into freezing rain, Tuesday. I'm also on the hunt for a creative logo to help me stimulate my design of MIARTS logo. ( Michigan Amateur Radio Telegraphers Society).

I got a shedding cat surprise last night. I combed Scooter, and had to empty the brush like 4 times! I didn't even notice he was shedding! we both slept better after all his loose hair was out.
ok, I'm off.