March 20th, 2015

Boys be boys

Hey, it's the first day of SPRING!

So all of you go out and lay on the GREEN GRASS and get the years first sun tan.
Or, another cold. ( can you get such a thing as snow burn?)
Today is TGIF. Yay us. tonight is party night ( vacuum the carpet), perhaps get lucky ( do the laundry and hold the cat while Teenage Mutant ninja turtles are on). I tell you, being a single guy does have its Privileges. I'll make a list for you. The most fun thing is holding the cat and falling asleep together. What an experience.
Now today, as an extra bonus, I get to go grocery shopping. YAY me. and what's the first list on the list? tummy medicine and then, cat food. See, I told you how much fun it is being a single guy. ( I wonder if single gals have as much fun?)

So it's time I get up and check my abbreviated grocery list.

I'm off.