March 12th, 2015


There, i just received " The Legend of Korra Book 4."

Man, did they ever change the style of her character! I'll get into that whole series over this weekend.
Right now, I'm spending most of my waking hours admiring myself in a mirror. I got a hair cut yesterday!
I think I tired the barber out, because he was resting as I walked in. This is a good guy. A older gentleman got out of this car yesterday in front of this store, and the guy fell. The plows had piled up snow on the curb. My barber, went out and helped the guy up. What a guy!

But the big news is I walked up to the avenue. YAY ME. somebody call Ripley's. With all the ice and snow and really stupid drivers out here, I got to get out yesterday. ah....slippery, yes. but it felt ever so nice. I did have to walk in the street due to the hilly terrain on the side walks. Do you know what black ice looks like? That's what I found out on the way home.
Slept like a baby. With the cat of course.

On to Religion. It's Lent, so I gave up the Newspaper and cable TV. strange, except for hockey, I don't really miss either. Well, I do miss Luann in the funnies.

ok, I'm off.