March 11th, 2015

yumyum anim

"yum yummy". I can't remember the name of the dishes in the above animation, but..

Yum yum.
Well, here we are, on glorious Wednesday. YAY ME. I get to finally, since last November, get a hair cut. between the weather, super duper cold temps and snow up my wazoo, I haven't been able to walk 4 blocks. Really! But now, with this the 3rd day of 50 plus temps, I can manage to do it. YAY ME.

of course, I can also learn to skate, due to the really slippery ice all over everything, but I always wanted to learn a new sport anyway. ( I excel at paying utility bills)

ah, I love the blue sky, sun shine and oodles of snow and ice. That's not right.

The cat woke me up 3 times today. so excuse me why I yawn.

I'm off