March 4th, 2015

Green Mickey

It's Whoose's Birthday! ( yesterday in fact)

Today is happy Wednesday! YAY me! I get to shovel snow, break ice banks down with a shovel, roll out the trash cart and get my jeans legs covered with snow. YAY ME. ah....But, boys and girls, this just might be the last time I do this this winter. YAY ALL OF US.

So now, I'm thinking I should get up to Walgreens and pick up my prescription for my arthritis medicine. YAY ME. YUCK!
I hate taking pills!!! I guess if one has taken pills long enough, you do get tired of remembering which one you take and which one you don't.

Me, I would rather like chocolate bars, ice cream ( strawberry cheese cake) and maybe a sundae. yummy. oh boy!

Well, I've procrastinated long enough. nuts! Here I come snow shovel.

I'm off.