February 26th, 2015

Mojo JO jo

Well, I see that was a mistake getting Mojo Jo Jo to help change the weather.

So, I'm bringing in Buttercup, blossom and "whats' her name" to straighten Mojo out. The very nerve of a overly smart monkey!!
But, it was nice to see him on the job, doing something.
Time flies by so quick, I actually forgot today was recycle day. I just did that last week. or so I thought. nope it was two weeks ago. So.....two weeks from now, I'm going to have quite a load for them.

But, I did see a silver lining in the old winter coat weather forecast: March 14th might see us go beyond 30 degrees! Exciting, isn't it. How yuckie is it here? our mailman is wearing a brand new arctic suit with thick gloves! nothing covering his face though. and a new mail truck. about time. These are my hero's: the people who work every day and you don't hear them complaining about what they're doing.

ok, I'm going to look up professor plutonium's phone number and see about getting the Power puff girls to take care of that know it all monkey, Mojo Jo Jo.

I'm off