February 20th, 2015


Maggie, Anita and ......

I always forget the last name of the three gals from "Read or Die". I have no idea what that title is referring to. do you?

So, I snuggled up with the Scooter cat last night and boy, did we ever need it!
we broke a record:-13 degrees. That's air temp, not wind chill. But, not all is lost. We have a chance of beating that record next week. You guessed it. still another arctic Siberian Express will be dropping down our way. Gads. I do love winter. "Where's spring??"

ok, I have to warm up enough to go outside to shovel a tad more snow. it's grocery day. YAY.
( unless, of course, you want to go instead of me braving the snow and fridge temps? yeah, I didn't think so)
alright, be that way.

I'm off.
( remember: whistle while you work)