February 13th, 2015


"TGIF" or.....Jason's Day, Friday the 13th.

This is the start of a minor holiday???? today Friday the 13th, tomorrow, Valentines day, quiet Sunday and Monday, Presidents Day. What a 4 day holiday. and right in the middle of that, our 2nd Artic front drops down on us, trying for all it's worth, to break the cold record for that day. ( it will break it)

But I have great news: the extended forecast is out and we won't go above 30 degrees till the middle of March. Can we really have Saint Patrick's day in a snow storm????

well, my plan over the next 4 days is to keep Jason out of my house and give Freddie wrong directions on how to get to my house. ( I can't stand to see him show up wearing that red-black striped shirt)

Ok, time for me to....

I'm off...