February 3rd, 2015

Throne of Blood

That icon above, is from "Throne of Blood". Aikra Kurasawa's great film.

Well, the tears have sort of dried up. the tissue is gone. and I stand on the front porch and wave as my property tax payment is leaving me. boo hoo. being adult can really suck. things are certainly set up so we'll only be remembered as long as we make the payments! over here, if you don't pay the local paper for an obituary listing, no one will see when you passed away.
what ever happened to "Nuture, love and give life " to others?

Ok, time to fess up. No, I did not vacuum over the weekend or last week for that matter. I just got carried away doing other things. like, looking up web page creation software, that will make a full size web site and also a mobile size site. Wow, from computers on our desks, to holding them in our hands. Make your minds up! Now, wristwatch computers?? ok. I guess it really is time to start looking for parts to make my next computer, while the parts are still available!

ok, its going to be a cold and snowy week-month! did I mention cold?

ok, I'm off.