January 27th, 2015

cute cat

Fist of the North Star is riding off into the sunset......finally!

I wont provide a spoiler alert, since I'm about the only knucklehead who would watch all 4 volumes plus 5 or 6 DVD in each set. I will probably have dreams of Kenshiro-san. Next up, "The legend of Korro". Who now they're suggesting is gay???? This is an animation for gosh sake. what does that make or contribute to the story line?? nothing. except possibly making headlines about her orientation. I like the character no matter what she is. ( as long as she doesn't beat up animals) I see they waited for 4 whole books to come out before they sprang this on us. and that was at the last few minutes of the series.
So, we're at Happy Tuesday. Yes it is. The poor folks out East got clobbered but good, while we over here are just trying to survive artic fronts that like to visit once every few days or so. Couple that artic non-sense with ice all over everything, and you've got a no walk zone over here. When my mailman tells me not to try and walk up to get a hair cut, that's a warning worth noting. So before the next bad weather day comes along, I asked a friend to take me up to the store. We're supposed to get rain, snow and then warming up to the point of getting more rain and then freezing rain. oh, did I mention the snow and ice already on the ground? That's why no walking up to the avenue. it isn't safe.

ok, I'm off.