January 26th, 2015

Geneshalf all anim

ugly Monday! YAY. snow, artic front and the sidewalks are still slipperly.

What more could a boy ask for. I did accomplish one great thing over this past weekend: almost read the entire collection 4 of Fist of the North Star. Now, let me tell you, meeting bad guys every two pages, and re-re-reading what you already have read 10 pages ago, just is a lot of boring work!! I've never seen an extended family like Kenshiro has.
Being Blue Monday has its' advantages. like.........( fill in the blank).

I'm feeling goofy today ( what, today???) since I'm starting to pay next months utility bills. That always spoils a good day. But, January's bills are usually the worse: gas, electric, food. Food? Yes, during the winter months, I try to stock up on stuff that I might not be able to get during a typical North-Eastern storm event ( read that as snow). The snow we should be getting has moved to the east course. Boo Hiss. There's nothing like 2 to 3 feet of snow from one storm. we get blue sky and fridged temperatures. It's not fair. Maybe could still trade? oh well.

Time to pet the cat and clean things up. Yuck.

I'm off.