January 23rd, 2015

Vidal two

Happy TGIF is finally here

YAY. ok, settle down. it's work to be done yet today. like, listen for Rich D on 7.110 MHZ. Snuggle with the cat. Look over the latest anime collections they've bundled together. and of course, cuddle the cat again.

Fleetwood Mack played in town last Tuesday to a sell out audience. Good for them. I'm kind of surprised folks around here know of them. all of our local radio stations are either talk ( hate agenda) radio or current rock. I should say what they call for rock now days. I have no idea what this music is about.
go back to spankie and our gang.

The side walks around here are dangerous due to the almost black ice that's out here. You really can't see it till your on it. then its slide time. One step, one whole block! So much for getting a hair cut today.

Time to prepare for celebrating this coming weekend. we must always celebrate the weekend. Yay us.

I'm slowly off.