January 22nd, 2015

Vidal two

wow, livejournal just added video uploading and posting to

our journal entries. They just keep wanting to be our journal. period. That's ok. When I think of all the other journals, message things, and gizmo's, it's ok if our old standby keeps up with the jones.
Here they go again. Microsoft just announced they're going to release the next operating system this year. Windows 10. They simply skipped 9! and for a period of time, if your running 7, 8., 8.1. they'll give it to you. sound fishy to you?
I wish they would invest in ONE OS and stay with that. sigh, there are some products that they should leave alone. Like Windows XP. a good OS. WIndows 7, a great OS. We'll see...

So happy Thursday is here. You do know what that means? Neither do I. but it sounds nice to greet the new day.
I attempted so shovel some snow off everything yesterday and lo and behold, I discovered it had rained, froze, snowed and rained again. I was trying to shovel on rippled effect ice. and we have another glorious artic front dropping down over the weekend. YAY US.

sigh. I'm getting tired of being cold.........

I'm off and huddled with the cat