January 20th, 2015


"Solved the chest problem!" This is about Bethesda's Oblivion.

ah, the sweetness of it all. It was all in how to pick up a thing, open up the other chest, and then select the right object and drop it. But, no where else in the entire Oblivion did I ever have to use this method. I'm thinking of writing it out and posting it to one of the oblivion blog groups. seems I'm not the only one to have had to deal with all this adventure.

So, feeling good, I got the shield, the sword and now, I'm a real bad butt! Look out blue meanies, Klingons, and other assorted bad villains. Here I come.

So today I decided to take my own advice: backup the computer and be sure I have everything that's special to me stored. then format the hard drive and install a fresh operating system. there goes about an hour just for that. then the phone call to Microsoft, because even though this is only like the 3rd time I've re-installed the OS, they still want to reissue a new number. Sigh. Who in their right mind wants to copy or steal an MS OS??? Now days!!

Today is the big day! No, not the speeches tonight. Me shoveling the snow without wearing my special, all purpose fur lined gloves. I called the grocery store yesterday and asked for lost and found. They reconnected me directly to the GOP headquarters. LOL I couldn't resist that.
But no, there were no ME gloves in lost N found. drats! And I just got them 30 years ago too.
ok, time to move on, or...

I'm off.