January 19th, 2015


another sleep in morning. YAY for me ( and the cat)

well, that took a few minutes. I had to leave the journal due to Cat On Lap. We're both sleeping in these last few days. I guess I am due to frustration with the Oblivion episode of wisdom of life(?). I think there is a glitch in the software. out of 4 days trying to pick up from the main chest and put it into the smaller chest, only once did it work. but then it stopped????
See, some people like crossword puzzles, others like word games, me? Role Playing Games I can get lost in. create your own adventure. Lose yourself in another world, not your own. YAY ME.
I'm looking forward to watching "Throne of Blood". I now have three of Akira Kurosawa's great films. How I wish we had talent like that now days. we do, of course, but not quite like Kurosawa. He was one of a kind.

I guess I should get off my soap box and pet the cat till he falls asleep. again....YET.

I'm off.....Way off.