January 17th, 2015


Forgetful Friday.

Talk about forgetting things. I left Meijer's yesterday, loaded down with "Kat Litter", 40 lbs worth, and loaded the poor cars trunk up with stuff. But in my effort to aid the cashier in scanning the heavy stuff, I placed my winter gloves on the bag counter. and there it stayed. Poor gloves. left all alone, in the darkness, ( sob sob ) nobody loves them, feeling abandoned. ok, enough with the sob story. I'll look through the lost and found thing next time I'm there.

Ok, It is glorious Saturday and we all get a week off from the artic weather. YAY US. till 8 to 10 days from now. It shall return. oh, and with it, snow.
well there, I've made your week. so go out and shovel to your hearts contend. But its coming........

ok, I'm off and loving it...