January 16th, 2015


TGIF it should be TGIW ( Thank God It's warmer!

I never thought I'd say 24 degrees was warm, but it is. I guess after spending a few hours at -13 degrees, that will change ones mind.
I'm stuck once again. Trying to figure out how to get the shield out of the box thing, for the knights of something. just take out the stuff in the chest and put it into the correct chest and presto, another door will open. yeah, right. so simple. ha ha ha. I'm trying to figure this baby out. Today is definitely not the day to do this. The cat decided that I should get up while it is still night ( to feed him) and I couldn't get back to sleep again.
So, I looked over a old college statistic text book. Wow, times change! The book costs $13.95. Outrages! As far as I know, mathematics hasn't changed in those few years, so I might just get into the book once again. Stats is something I could use.

Well, it's Friday and time to watch the ice and snow melt. YAY US!

I'm off.