January 15th, 2015


Blue screen of death vs Radio shack filing for bankrupcy.

Yes, I went to eat dinner and came back to google something, and was greeted with the blue screen of death. I think it was something to do with the video, but without knowing what 24 numbers mean, I have no idea. Got it back up and running, but no clue to why it did that.
Then today, I got a note from a friend that Radio Shack was filing fro bankruptcy. locally, that means in our big city, there is one store that carries electronic parts. A sad day indeed.

Today is grocery list day and widen driveway shoveling day. YAY me.

from -13 below yesterday to 28 degrees today. Now do you know what a yo-yo feels like. but if I had to choose, I'll pick today anytime.

ok, off to grocery list time. (with the cat, of course)

I'm off.