January 14th, 2015


"We did it!" -12 below zero. we broke a record. "YAY US????"

ok, on to warmer topics. I chatted with my computer builder associate and case provider last night and got no where fast. ( And neither of us got any good exercise doing running) I've been thinking of preparing for the eventual failure of my desktop. I'm trying to plan ahead. Boy, do they ever make junk now days. cheap too. So I look around and low and behold, the number of computer parts stores is about 2 or 3, maybe. ok, maybe I should break down and get a I-pad, I-pod, I-patch, cabbage patch, ect ect. this is crazy.
So back to tigerdirect and look around. again.

This is wonderful. today is cart put out day. it's -1 degree right now and its 10:24AM. sigh. I'll get my winter artic clothes on.

I'm sliding off onto ice.