January 13th, 2015


-5 below. atleast thats what the radio station just broadcast over the cold, air waves.

26 degree difference from yesterday to today. burrrrr. even one cat couldn't keep us warm last night. today would be a great day for chilli.

Everything is a mess right now with scheduling. while I have most of the stuff done I had planed to do, things like grocery shopping, bathroom fixture shopping are on hold right now. The weather, snow and cold temps, have stopped a lot of things around here. I did have some great events. I went out to shovel the driveway wider yesterday, and discovered my neighbor had already shoveled most of it! Wow, what a friend. So I went over to her house and shoveled her walkway wider too.

You know, besides watching "Fist of the North Star", this weather is also great for redoing ones computer. you know, cleaning it of all the junk that has accumulated over the past year. you would be surprised. its a mess of junk. So I may just do that. but its better to plan these things out, like backing up your passwords so you don't start the newly cleaned computer and forget how to get into it. just a heads up.

ok, I'm off. freezing, but off. Now where did I put that cat????