January 11th, 2015


a learned lesson in life.

when the temperature is 6 degrees, and the wind chill brings the temp down to -9 below, one should not try shoveling snow. simple as that. The damage that could be done during these conditions are staggering. you might actually write Fish of the North Star, instead of Fist of the North Star. ( Yuri yuri... oh go and get a life, will you. she never liked you anyway!) There is something special about watching a animation where everything seems to take place out in the desert. swirling iced wind vs hot dry wind storms. Does the heart good to see this.
I'm spending time writing this due to my putting off doing my taxes. if it aint one thing......
-12 below. that is what they're forecasting for a low Monday night. ah.....Once upon a time, I would pack my gear up and go swimming at one of the colleges pools. it actually was a great exercise and did me good. but those days are gone. my local high school has been changed to something. but not a high school. the other two pools are jr. college and my alma matter, GVSU. but that's half way across the state.

So today, I'll spend doing my tax thing and then, who knows...

I'm off.