January 7th, 2015


My santa got put away in the icon box for another year.

so, I brought out mefina from "Outlaw Star" for my new icon. glad to see they're showing it again, some where. but also, you can still buy it. now that's a great new years gift.
it's cold. I went to bed wearing a hoodie and a warm cat, scooter. it was still cold. but I guess Wisconsin has it much worse: wind chill of -50. now that is cold.
So today, I must finish shoveling out the driveway and put the garbage cart out. now I should take a video of my doing that. you know, American's funny video shows. Well I did it. I turned Comcast off. almost feel naked, but then realize there's nothing on tv anyway. I should invest in hand puppets or find a old sock and play with it....like in the old days.

time to wake up and get with it. shoveling does not get done by itself.

I'm off.