January 6th, 2015


ok, time to decide what I need and what I want....

a lap top or start and make a new desk top. I can't believe it's been about 5 years since "Thor" first was finally fired up. ( Thor is what I named this computer). I've started to see little geekie-things pop up, that could mean either it's approaching it's design life, or its just cold. Yes, cold effects them. So I'll start looking over, though right for now, I think I should nix-aye on the desk top and get a nice lap top. Ha ha ha. I just looked at the available units! oh my gosh! it's either over priced stuff, or junk. the story continues.

So today, we're having a heat wave: high way up to 18 degrees! Get the sun tan lotion out. Scooter was planning on a cold night, so we went to bed early. and slept in late too. cold does that to us. Had some strange dreams. Monday was also a good day. I cancelled Comcast. YAY me. called a few people to see how they're doing. and everybody seems really good. No flu for them.

I guess I should go now and build up enough moxie to shovel the sidewalk and drive way.

I'm off and warming up.