January 2nd, 2015


I feel kind of let down.....

Here it is, January 2, 2015, I just beat the blue meanies, and I'm still here. My hero is a tad for the wear, but still in good shape, though, her level is only at 6!!! 6!! What, must I go on a date with Godzilla and Rodan to increase my level?? a lot of other missions won't touch me till I'm at 10. sigh, it's tough being the advisor and side kick of a hero. But I've still got oodles of task's left to do. I think.

Ok, I watched Ohio state really play football last night. YAY. I then watched the blackhawks get their skates dulled by Washington,( I think that's who played them). and today, I start the new years out right. I cancel cable tv. YAY me again. Roku has 99 % of what I watch anyway.

Yes, Mr.Artic front is going to celebrate the New Years by coming down to visit all of us next week. 12 for a high and 2 for a low. yay, burrrr.

Ok, time to freeze by going out and getting carts back. oh, that's going to be cold. and look for a little lost kitten.

I'm off.