January 1st, 2015


"It's finally here!" Yes it is. 2015 and 2014 went out with a freeze!

now that's cold. 19 degrees and a 40 mph wind. that's cold. you could hear it howling through the house. it was that strong.

Yes, I finally closed the last gate and presto, another important task is right before me. ok, so I do that. yay. I'm done with the blue meanies. nope. another task, connected with everything before this, has to be taken care of. I wonder if maybe the software engineers decided to just keep this game going and going and going....it sure feels like that.

But, I did manage to bring in the new year with Scooter the cat sleeping on my lap. Great way to welcome in the old and say goodbye to the new?????

something like that. now, it's. Cat On my Lap