December 21st, 2014


I think I remembered everybody I could.

I think. every year its the same thing. Think you have remembered to either send a Christmas card to them or get them a present. the present is easy: what ever a cat likes. The cards are not so simple. I don't have a white pages telephone book any more with residential listings: folks are using cell phones now days and they are not listed in the white pages. Sure, I have both the white pages and the yellow pages. but they're carbon copies of each other. To be listed in the white pages, you should have a listed phone number. the cell companies do not do that. nuts. It's just a good thing I know where Scooter the cat lives.

so now I'm getting ready for crummy weather. snow, rain, 24 degrees up to 49. yuck. give me the old fashioned snow days.

ok, sigh, I'm off, pretending my shoveling snow.