December 19th, 2014


well, Santa's list is done. the cat is snoozing, and I'm wide awake.

what's wrong with this picture. Well, for one thing, the temp is 19 degrees and the sun is out. 2. snow? what is snow??? 3. I've got just about all my mailings done, at least with the addresses I have on hand. and 4. I watched the last show of the Colbert report! What a kick. I've never seen so many people together in one place before. it was great. Now tonight, my pal, Craig Fergusons' last show is on after midnight. TV is losing a lot of its great talent. The two people I'll miss the most: 1. Johnny Carson and 2. Craig Ferguson. ( ok, Geoff too).

this works out well too. I'm cancelling cable tv next week. way too much money for 2 cartoon shows and a few hockey games.

so, time to go and hope the weekend builds a good snow pack for sledding.

I'm off.