December 17th, 2014


I heard from Cuppy Kate today.

I seem to have lost her address. This is the time of year when we send each other Christmas cards, and usually wish our dogs and cats a happy next year. Scooter and Kissa already have theirs, I think. Scooter the cat gave me a combination Birthday and Christmas present last night: he curled up as close as he could get to my neck and face, and went to sleep. I went to sleep petting him. That was a most excellent night!
Today, is heavy lifting the stupid carts off the porch and get them ready to be emptied tomorrow. maybe, if I ( we're) a good boy and girl, we'll get snow. I'm crossing my fingers and toe nails and hope for the large grey clouds come and stop right over my house. YAY us.

I could use lumps of coal too, but I don't think I qualify for that. I'm way too goody miss two shoes. ( that's what my neighbors say anyway.) I have to work on that. Well, time to let Scooter jump onto my lap.

I'm off