December 16th, 2014


The world has gone crazy...or is it, crazyier!!

is this the end of times? just saying there sure are a ton of nasty things going on in the world today.

I seem to have started a Christmas Tradition with getting presents for my closet friends. well, at least some of them. I always run out of money before I get something for everybody. as for myself, I would kind of like to see it gently snow for a few days. Can you imagine carolers trying to go house to house walking through mud?? not a pretty picture. of course, the worse picture of all is hearing noted people of science acting like idiots. now that is scary and sad all at once.

I got either an early Christmas present or a late birthday present. I got a phone call last night from a guy who really didn't speak too good of English informing me that my computer has been invaded by a virus. lucky for me, he just happened to be in a spot to be able to sell me some anti-anything. I just hung up the phone and called a guy who has some customers who just might be taken advantaged of with this sales pitch??? wow, there out in packs now days!

ok, time to watch it 1.rain or 2. snow mixed with rain. this is no way to start Christmas!

I'm off.