December 14th, 2014


is this really winter?

It looks and feels more like late October or early November!! The lilacs have buds on them already, how will this effect the fruit crops?

So on crazy Sunday, I am trying to re-start, re-play "Oblivion". I can't believe how much is changed just by picking different task's to complete. But so help me, if I ever run into the knuckle head who designed all those tunnels and gates, I'll spit on them ( this couldn't possibly be done by just one person). this is driving me crazy and even the cat is giving me a wide berth when walking by.
I must have been really tired Friday night. I made out a Christmas card and gift to an old friend, and stuck it into the mail box. Yay me! NO, I heard the mail box close and walked out to get the mail. I found my letter with a note saying " No postage!". yipes. the mailman was still near and he told me what the problem was: I hadn't affixed a stamp to it!! and the letter was addressed to a retired supervisor of the post office! I asked him to wait and he did. I put a stamp on it and out it went. how embarrassing.

On to good news. I bought a LED light bulb. Do not ask how much the little rascal cost. it is outrages. But I turned it on and presto, it actually seems to provide more light than the twisty type bulbs. hmmm have to wait and see how long it lasts. it is more economical to operate than the other types!

ok, I'm off.