December 12th, 2014


a sad, and cold day in Grand Rapids.

one, it is COLD. no snow, no rain, but gloomy sky, wind with one heck of a wind chill and did I mention no snow? Two, I couldn't proceed in "Oblivion", so I had to start all over. Not sure what the deal is, but I simply could not find a way to rid myself of being, or curing myself of being a vampire. Have you ever tried to do any of the tasks only at night? no fun and people treat you like crap. So, I started all over, determined to do only one task at a time. Good luck with that. everything seems different this time around.

I also am doing the laundry and making out my bi-weekly grocery list. twice a month I get stuff, and its' a pain in the snow. Did I mention no snow?

so, time to finish the list and get ready to freeze.

I'm off and frozen.